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Watch American Kids Freak Out Over Lunches From India, Japan And More

'I apologize in advance. It looks like a big piece of poo surrounded by corn.'

On Thursday, August 26, Cut Video released proof that children win the unofficial Picky Eaters Award. The team asked a group of American kids to try lunches from several different countries, and their reactions were priceless.

There was plenty of nose wrinkling and hesitant food sniffing but thankfully no vomiting. Here are some highlights:

On India: "Is that mashed potatoes?" (It wasn't.)

On France: "I thought it was dessert. It looked like cake." (It wasn't.)

On Cuba: "That stuff smells disgusting" *tries it* "Actually doesn't taste that bad."

On Sweden: "Please, no, I really do not like cheese."

On Kenya: "I tend to stay away from beans because they make you fart."

On Japan: "I don't know how to use chopsticks."

On Afghanistan: "This tiny little block has 900 freaking calories?" (It was a high-energy biscuit.)

Watch the full video below.

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