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Where Does Caitlyn Jenner Keep Her ‘Most Prized Possession’?

The answer might surprise you.

In her latest post for WhoSay, Caitlyn Jenner responded to a fan, "Nancy T," to talk about something of great importance to her -- her gold medal from the 1976 Olympics in Montreal, Canada.

"Nancy, my gold medal is my most-prized possession – I’m so proud of it," Caitlyn said. "However, I never wanted my kids to feel like they had to have a gold medal in order to be considered a success. I didn’t want them to constantly compare their own achievements to my time in the Olympics, so I haven’t displayed my medal. Here’s where it currently lives…"

So where does it live? The answer's in the video which, BTW, she filmed on a selfie stick. (Love it):

via Caitlyn Jenner on WhoSay

It's in her makeup drawer! But that's not all Caitlyn had to say about it.

"I'm very proud of this. That was a great time in my life. But to be honest with you, it's even a greater time in my life right now and what I'm trying to accomplish with this," she added.

Caitlyn, you're a champion in every sense of the word.