Here’s 5 Quick And Nerdy Ways You Can Fight Sexism

Vlogger Justin Dennis knows that geeks gotta stick together.

If you're tired of girls receiving gasps or impromptu pop quizzes when they reveal their geeky inclinations, you probably agree: Nerd culture needs a little gender equality TLC.

Vlogger and author Justin Dennis makes it clear that of course, not all nerds are sexist (duh! most nerds are amazing) but she does have a few ideas for how the community can be even more of a wonderful, accepting place for everyone. From things as simple as finding some chill with your nerdy girl friends or supporting more diverse gender representation in the media you geek out over, Dennis has laid out just a few simple ways nerds can slay sexism on their screens, at cons and IRL. Maybe try them out before your next LAN party.