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Fetty Wap Says Even His Mom Is A 'Trap Queen'

The rapper says it's OK for you to use his phrase because 'everyone can have their own trap queen.'

Fetty Wap's breakout hit "Trap Queen" might be, in the most literal sense, about a woman who used to manufacture a certain illegal substance for him, but at its heart there's so much more to the term, according to the VMA-nominated rapper.

In fact, he'd even go so far as to apply it to his own mother in a certain sense. Yes.

Wap (real name: Willie Maxwell) told New York Magazine that the phrase ultimately celebrates the loyalty and support he's received from the women in his life.

"The person I was dealing with at the time [of writing the song], she kind of just showed me a different side of women," he told the mag. "She still to this day supports me and buys all my songs on iTunes, she still shows me loyalty, the same loyalty before everybody knew who I was. That’s where I get my inspirations and my motivation from for most of my songs and the meanings behind them."

This is also the reason he's OK with listeners borrowing the phrase to talk about other ladies.

"Everybody doesn’t have the same trap queen. Everyone can have their own trap queen," he said. "There is the way I use it in the song, but my mom is a trap queen. She held us down and she was a queen at doing it. She took care of her children and her tribe, made sure we had food on the table, and kept our heads up. However you want to put it, there are different meanings to it."

Fetty Wap's debut album with drop on Sept. 25.