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The Westboro Baptist Church Are No Match For The Rickrolling Power Of The Foo Fighters

The Foos are never gonna let us down.

We've already made it very clear just how badass the Foo Fighters are, but in case you needed further proof, the band is more than willing to deliver it.

At their Friday night (August 21) show in Kansas City, Dave Grohl and co. met some opposition outside the Sprint Center, BuzzFeed reports. Members of the Westboro Baptist Church -- yep, the same hate group that makes its name via anti-gay protests and that picketed a Panic! At The Disco show in the same city a year before -- showed up for reasons that still a little puzzling (but probably have to do with the band's support for LGBT rights).

So, what's a band to do when they face such resistance mere hours before they're scheduled to rock the town's faces off? They only had one choice: harness the mighty power of the rick roll into a forceful blast delivered via a pickup truck.

Grohl proudly held up a sign that said "Keep It Clean," while drummer Taylor Hawkins repped the more burn-inducing "You Got Rick Roll'd (Again)" -- which is quite true, as the band pulled off a similar feat back in 2011, as Billboard points out.

What better way to fight hatespeech than with a little bit of Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up"? In the age of the Internet, it's one of our most powerful collective weapons.

Or, you know, there's always the tried and true methods.