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Matt McGorry Rapping Will Be The Weirdest/Best Thing You See All Day


"How to Get Away with Murder" star Matt McGorry and BWR Public Relations finally released their full-length music video "Bye Felicia" on Thursday (August 19). The video features McGorry's law student character Asher Millstone during his frat boy days.

According to Variety, the music video is part of HTGAWM's first season bonus features on the DVD box set. However, now fans can watch the full video on YouTube.

McGorry shared it on social media Friday (August 21), and it's everything you dreamed it'd be and more.

McGorry-as-Asher raps up a storm and brings his goofy, eccentric character to life in a completely new way. There are lots of girls, bros in sunglasses, and cash — makin' it rain non-stop.

Earlier this month, McGorry retweeted this vine, and the caption says it all.

Thanks a lot for getting this song stuck in our heads, Matt. #ByeFelicia