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Zac Efron And Max Joseph Heat Up The 'We Are Your Friends' Red Carpet

We are your friend, too.

If "My Little Pony" is to be believed, friendship is magic. In that case, on Thursday night, Los Angeles was full to brimming with enchantment at the premiere of "We Are Your Friends," starring Zac Efron.

Directed by "Catfish" star Max Joseph, the movie follows the rise of Efron's DJ character, Cole, as he hustles to make it big in the world of dance music.

Of course, it doesn't hurt that Efron, along with co-star Emily Ratajkowski, is extremely easy on the eyes. Meet your new friends with these scorching hot pics from last night's premiere.

  1. Everyone wants to be friends with Zac Efron.
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  2. I mean, why wouldn't you want to be?
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  3. Max Joseph brought his best "Catfish" friend, Nev Schulman.
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  4. Moms: Basically our first friends ever. So it makes sense that Max brought his ma, Stephanie Joseph, to the festivities.
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  5. Emily Ratajkowski is definitely your friend.
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  6. This is right before Zac and Emily exchanged macrame bracelets.
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  7. Can you say #squadgoals?
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  8. Bros 4 lyfe.
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  9. The face that launched a thousand Facebook friend requests.
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  10. That picture of Zac Efron even wants to be friends with Zac Efron.
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  11. Yes, Zac, we're still friends.
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  12. Meet my best friends! Aren't they great?
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  13. Making friends everywhere he goes. Hey, new friend!
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"We Are Your Friends" hits theaters August 28.