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Mommy Long Legs Wants To Read Your Horrorscope

Guaranteed to be at least 22 percent accurate.

Mommy Long Legs are not licensed astrologers or anything -- but we asked them to make like stargazers anyway, seeing as how they have a whole song called "Horrorscope" that manages to make Mercury Retrograde not only fun, but kind of a party.

Yup, we had the Seattle band characterize every sign in the Zodiac -- and every description is pretty par for the course for Mommy Long Legs, whose speciality seems to be out-there lyrics that highlight the absurdities that lurk within us all.

Lilly Morlock, Cory Budden, Melissa Kagerer and Leah Miller make up the garage pop act, whose album Life Rips hit the Internet and cassette players in March. A bouncy, shouty collection of vignettes, the album touches on stereotypical, girly slumber parties (in "Slumber Party"), those pathetic guys we've all managed to date ("Sad Dudes"), the afterlife and the party that awaits us there ("Life Rips") and, of course, the mysteries inherent in the stars ("Horrorscope").

The women of Mommy Log Legs took a break from working on their next record -- and planning their tour -- to talk with MTV News about their band's origins, as well as to speculate wildly about what makes each star sign unique. Check it:

MTV: So where did your band name come from? Worst question ever, but I have to know.

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Melissa: In our friend group we play a game where if you think of a funny word that would be a good band name [you write it down] -- like Meat Sweats, which would be a good dad metal band name. My boyfriend came up with Mommy Long Legs as a funny band name and it just stuck.


They're really good at making campfires.


Taruses love corndogs -- especially when they're at the rodeo.


They only have sex with twins.


They love "Spongebob" episodes -- only reruns.

MTV: Your songs are pretty hilarious. Where do you take your inspiration from? There's, like, Oprah and sorority girls and death...

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Cory: I think we just hang out with each other a lot and just make each other laugh a lot. We come up with really weird, funny jokes together and they oftentimes make their way into songs.

Melissa: I think, though, they're all kind of extreme views of people that we've encountered, too. It's like if I'm working [at a coffee shop] and someone comes in and wants their exact [order] at 180 degrees, we just make them a bigger character.


They're the rulers. They love the minions from that movie.


They just love digging holes at the beach to cool off. Also they're shy.


They're really good at finding free money. They're a quarter Leprechaun.


They are as spicy as they come.

MTV: I might be assuming, but I'm guessing you guys don't have any experiences with sororities -- like in 'Sorority Girls.' You weren't in one, right?

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All: No!

Lilly: We're actually really close to Greek Row. So we encounter a lot of frat boys and sorority girls. I get to bring them their diplomas at lot because I frame art next to a university. So that's where a lot of inspiration comes from.

MTV: So the theme for the record -- Life Rips -- it seems like death runs throughout? The song itself is about basically partying underground. How does that idea play out through the record?

Lilly: It actually ties in with the Oprah Mocha Frappuccino [lyric in 'Yuppie Moms'] and 'Sorority Girls.' It's all extreme consumerism and excess -- and pairing death with those things just makes it seem really meaningless and funny. So someone comes back to life and wants to go on this shopping spree.


They're whiny little babies.


They love pilates on a midsummer's night with beef stroganoff.


They are those people on the street with the cardboard signs that say "free hugs."


They love to dress up as mascots -- only in the bedroom.

MTV: So, going all the way back to the beginning at the end of the interview -- what's each of your earliest musical memories?

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Lilly: For me, the first band that really struck me was the Cranberries. I used to listen to one of their albums and go to sleep to it every single night when I was five years old. Going to sleep to 'Zombie' at five years old.

Leah: I have an older sister and she got the Tragic Kingdom CD and I was just obsessed with it. I'd dance to it on her waterbed. So my mom bought me my own copy.

Melissa: My dad used to play Chumbawumba a lot. He had an office at home and whenever I came in he would always put it on and we would just sing it really loud.

Cory: I'm one of those people where if I really like a song I'll just listen to it over and over and over again and the first time I did that was with TLC's first album. My best friend in fifth grade bought it for me for Christmas.