Taraji P. Henson Goes Hard AF In Family Feud: Watch

"Family Feud" is usually a team sport, but when Taraji P. Henson gets involved, it's more like single combat. Or a duel.

A duel to the death from which only Taraji P. Henson will emerge victorious.

The star of "Empire" stopped by "The Tonight Show" Tuesday (August 18) to talk about her show's upcoming second season -- and to unleash her inner Cookie Lyon in this amazing, mini "Family Feud" competition with Jimmy Fallon.

Let's be clear: It's not about winning, here. Winning is for amateurs. Taraji doesn't want to win; she wants to crush Jimmy Fallon's spirit and send him home weeping while she dances on the ashes of his dreams.

Watch the fierce, awesome competition below, and breathe a sigh of relief that you've never been dumb enough to challenge Taraji P. Henson to anything, ever.