Ansel Elgort Gives The Cutest Dance History Lesson Ever: Watch

He'll Nae Nae his way into your heart.

Moves like Jagger? Psh. That's for amateurs. Ansel Elgort has moves like Jagger, and Gatsby, and Miley, and old-school John Travolta, just to name a few.

The star of "The Fault in Our Stars" teamed up with Teen Vogue to make this video, in which he shows off the greatest dance crazes of the 20th century (plus a couple from the 21st), from the Charleston to swing to disco to 1980s-style robot moves.

At the end, he brings us up to date Nae Nae and a wee bit of twerking.

We already knew that Ansel was pretty light on his feet (in case you missed it, here's his spectacular tap-dancing performance on "The Tonight Show"), but with this video, he's a clear front-runner for the title of dancing-est dude in Hollywood... although it won't be official until he and Channing Tatum settle this little conflict like gentlemen.

In other words: Dance-off, guys. Make it happen.