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JLaw and Josh Hutcherson’s 13 Best-Ever Joshifer Moments

Be still our hearts.

Whether you aspire to have a bestie relationship just like theirs or whether you secretly think they should get married already, I think everyone can agree that Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson are totally perfect for one another. Heck, they might even be soulmates -- platonically, of course, but their weirdo friend chemistry is seriously undeniable.

Over the last three years since "The Hunger Games" first hit theaters, it's been a joy to watch JLaw and the Hutch bicker, hug, finish each others' sentences and just be total goofballs with each other -- and as they told MTV News at Comic-Con, the magic isn't going to end with "Mockingjay Part 2" because they hang out literally all the time. Here are all the times they've shown us just how great they are together:

  1. When they sang Cher together.

    Sure, JLaw got all the headlines for having the courage to sing in public on "Conan" last month, but Josh was there to count her in and be her backup.

  2. This high five!

    Sorry, are there other people in this movie? Because during this Moviefone Unscripted interview for "Catching Fire," Josh and Jennifer acted like they were the only two in the room.

  3. Their commitment to peeing together.

    For other people, peeing in the ocean with your friend would be gross. For Josh and Jen, it's bonding.

  4. That time Jennifer called Josh dreamier than Robert Pattinson.

    She loves his accent, apparently.

  5. When they were so cute together behind the scenes.

    Peeta is literally trying to choke Katniss to death during this scene, but you wouldn't know it from the way they goof around during filming.

  6. That time they played the Newlywed game.

    WHOSE favorite cartoon is "CatDog," Josh?

  7. When Jennifer said she couldn't even make eye contact with Josh on set.

    "I just can’t without laughing and I don’t have that challenge in any other movies with any other actors than I work with," Lawrence told press at Comic-Con this year. "Normally I can make eye contact with actors and finish scenes and that is a challenge that I’m going to miss."

  8. That time Josh admitted they'd be the most intense couple ever.

    "If Jennifer and I were at all attracted to each other, it would be the most intense relationship in the world," he told British GQ. You guys are ALREADY pretty intense, guys.

  9. Anytime THIS happens.

    Let's face it, it happens a lot.

  10. Every single time they hold hands

    It's pretty great.

  11. And whenever they play argue.

    The mark of a true friendship is knowing how to be mean to one another without actually hurting feelings. (And sorry for the boo-boo, Jennifer!)

  12. This entire interview!

    Literally every single interview Jen did at Comic-Con this year prominently featured a cameo from Josh -- including the one conducted by MTV News. But it's fine, because everything the two of them said to us was amazing. It's not the end of #Joshifer, folks!

  13. And this one, too, of course.

    Yup, DEFINITELY not the end of Joshifer.