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Ed Sheeran Is Saying ‘Byezies’ To All His Lion Tattoo Haters

'It's not the first weird tattoo I've got and it won't be the last,' Ed said.

Ed Sheeran has one word to say to all those haters of his new lion tattoo: "byezies."

The singer has been met with mixed opinions over his new ink and he took to Twitter to address the "kerfuffle."

Ed, who has a wide variety of tattoos from "Shrek" to a gingerbread man to a matching Pingu the Penguin with Harry Styles, said this isn't the first weird tattoo -- or his last. And guess what? He likes them all.

And if you were wondering if he really was tweeting this while eating pasta, here's the proof:

It seems this response from Ed may have been triggered after Keane lead singer, Tom Chaplin, tweeted asking if Ed's tattoo is a prank because it's a "really bad picture of a lion." Ed wasn't amused.

Tom did tweet out an apology, which Ed accepted, saying the only reason he thought it could be a joke is because you couldn't see Ed's face.

The lion tattoo, which is only 60% done, does have a significant meaning to the "Thinking Out Loud" singer. Ed's primary tattoo artist, Kevin Paul -- who inked the lion -- told us that Ed got the symbolic design to celebrate his three sold-out Wembley stadium gigs.

"We’ve got a lot more to go. I mean, his chest is gonna be completely full," Paul said. "[It will] connect arm to arm. It’ll go right across his shoulders.”