JoJo Is Releasing A ‘Tringle’ Of Singles And We Have So Many Questions

It's all going down August 21.

Get out. Right now. Because I don't think I can handle the news that JoJo is not only releasing new music, but three new singles.

Yes, you read that right: not one, not two, but three new tracks that will no doubt bring pure joy to my ears.

It's been nearly nine years since she released her last album, with a few mixtapes in between, but now it seems that she's dropping a "tringle" of singles. What's a tringle? Well, according to JoJo it is the "simultaneous release of three singles," and that each song is "separate, particular and distinct." Oh, and it's all going down August 21.

JoJo has been teasing her musical comeback for some time with in-studio Instagram posts, but finally confirmed the news last month on Twitter saying that she was "pregnant with this ALBUM."

Fans, including myself, are beyond excited for her comeback -- but, of course have some questions about her new music, her new sound and what she's been up to. Here are just a few questions we hope she answers before August 21.

  1. What Will She Be Singing About?

    It's been nearly nine years, so I imagine JoJo will have a lot to share. According to producer Harmony Samuels, JoJo is writing "from her heart," and that the album is "definitely about her."

  2. What Will It Sound Like?

    We imagine it's going to be pop perfection, but be on the lookout for songs that tell you stories and some that will make you want to party.

  3. What's She Been Up To?

    JoJo did plan on releasing an album in 2012, Jumping Trains, and she even released a single for the effort, "Demonstrate," a sexy R&B track that was inspired by "Fifty Shades of Grey." The singer said to us back then that she didn't have a release date for her third album in mind, but wanted it to be "right." The singer obviously scraped the project instead -- in 2014 she released her mixtape #LoveJo.

  4. What Took So Long?

    I'm sure we will find out, but it seems like JoJo is a bit of a perfectionist, which is not a bad thing at all. Samuels said that she "doesn't half something. Everything has to be a 110%." So basically, don't expect anything less than the best.