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Mac Miller's Ready To 'Create A Real Franchise' After Kicking His Drug Habit

He's ready to work.

After taking a break to record music in solitude and get his personal life together, Mac Miller's back. And he seems happier than ever, with a new album on the way.

During an interview with Power 105's "The Breakfast Club" on Tuesday morning, August 11, the Pittsburgh rapper explained that he finally beat his struggle with drugs, to come out on top.

"I had a little battle. I was having a good time I guess, but it was time to clean my act up and get back to work," he said. "Just accept my responsibility and who I am, and what I gotta do.”

He explained that he didn't go to rehab -- Mac previously told MTV News that he was struggling with a Codeine addiction -- but managed to kick his drug habit with support from friends and family.

"I thought it was my right as a human to say I didn't wanna do anything. I don't feel like touring. I don't feel like putting an album out," he said. "There's a lot of space [in Los Angeles], so I could disappear. I was just making a lot of music and I got comfortable in this zone of like, I don't need to bring any money in, I got money. Just record and have fun -- then I realized that I hadn't put anything out [in awhile]."

Part of this new chapter for Mac includes a big deal with Warner Bros. Records, which he confirmed last year after leaving his longtime indie label, Rostrum Records.

"At first, when I signed to a major it was a little scary for me," he said, explaining that he thought it meant no more freedom. "But I can do more from this position, not just for me, but for those around me. And I can create a real franchise. [But] it was a little scary. That contract is so thick."

He went on to explain his mind state as he gears up to drop his latest album Good A.M. on September 18. To warm up fans, he recently released the fun and weird video for "100 Grandkids."

"It's not [a] heavy message behind the record. It's just a stupid double entendre, where the first half is about grandchildren and then the second half is about the first time I got a hundred grand," he said.

"My main thing is, I just wanted to come back with something that's confident and fun. That's the head space I wanted to get into before I came back. I didn't want to come back depressed or sad."