Watch Stephen Amell Take (And Throw) Punches At WWE Raw

Where's Diggle when you need him?

Stephen Amell has pretended to be a whole gaggle of things throughout his past three years on "Arrow": a billionaire playboy, a vigilante, a member of the League of Assassins, and even an actual businessman. (That last one didn't go too well.)

But now, thanks to a months-long beef with Stardust (Cory Rhodes) that began at a WWE Raw event and kept going due to frequent Twitter jabs -- Stardust even insulted Felicity! -- Amell is ready to take on his biggest game of make-believe yet, as a "professional" wrestler. On Sunday, August 23, Amell and Neville will officially fight Stardust and King Barrett, for Amell's (and hopefully, Felicity's) honor at WWE SummerSlam.

The whole thing started Monday night (August 10), when Amell sat ringside at Raw during Neville's fight with King Barrett. Stardust -- a villainous character who makes Ra's al Ghul seem humble in comparison -- came out at the end and attacked Neville, then jumped out of the ring and shoved Amell, who had no choice but to fight back (the action starts around 1:08):

Amell entering the ring was a clear violation of guest rules, but when security pulled him backstage, the charismatic star managed to convince Triple H that a tag team match was the only solution:

Let's hope Brooklyn's Barclays Center has Lazarus Pits!