Terry Wyatt/Getty Images

Watch Jason Derulo And Luke Bryan’s Unexpectedly Epic Karaoke Battle

Those falsettos though!

Guys, the future is HERE. And apparently in the future, we all have virtual karaoke battles with celebrities.

At least, that’s what we’re led to believe based on this wholly unexpected but very much welcome treat: country star Luke Bryan and R&B crooner Jason Derulo going head-to-head in a wildly entertaining karaoke sesh.

The unlikely duo paired up to promote Sing!, a karaoke app created by Smule that lets fans see what they’d sound like performing with their favorite artists. Bryan is one of the featured artists on the app (alongside others including Linkin Park and Jessie J), and he apparently decided it would be fun to flaunt his R&B chops while he and Derulo traded turns on Derulo’s hit “Want to Want Me.”

The result is a cheesy but adorable vid that’ll probably make you see Bryan in a new light once he breaks out those killer runs. At one point, he’s utterly in awe of Derulo’s upper register, saying, “That’s filthy. I can’t do that!” Derulo, though, spoke for all of us when he reassured Bryan that his falsetto was “on point” (bruh).

Check out the guys’ dueling falsettos below: