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Looks Like Lorde Is Team Drake

She's down with his songwriting skills.

Drake and Meek Mill are currently embroiled in the feud that will never end -- and Lorde seems to have inserted herself into it (in the Lordest of ways). The "Royals" singer took to Twitter Sunday to sing Drake's praises when it comes to his songwriting -- the very thing that Meek took issue with in the first place (you know, in that he accused Drizzy of using a ghostwriter).

After posting a few lyrics from Drake's "Hotline Bling," Lorde wrote:

'hotline bling' is a really creative clever way of saying something really simple... drake has a total pop songwriter approach to hook words/titles - stuff like 'trophies', or 'pound cake' or 'hotline bling'... using such dynamic hook nouns isolates a song so it's instantly more memorable than most others, even if they're conceptually similar... sorry i know this is quite boring but it's a great resource as a songwriter to draw from... i work similarly with nouns because i like attributing vastness to small words. they paint songs in beautiful primary colours, like rothkos

Ella, if you would like to try to your hand at music criticism -- perhaps right here on MTV News via a column titled something like "Lorde Licks Lyrics" (or something infinitely better) -- hit me up.

Drake and Meek's beef has been broiling for weeks now, with Meek accusing Drake of not writing his own lyrics at the end of July. Since then, the two musicians have been trading barbs -- and dis tracks.

Well, looks like Drake has an ally in Lorde -- which makes sense since the "Tennis Court" singer once said that she'd never be happy again thanks to the rapper (in a good way).