12 Times The 'Straight Outta Compton' Meme Was More Relevant Than We Realized

Some of these have chill (but only some).

By Monique Steele

With the Aug. 14 premiere of the new NWA biopic “Straight Outta Compton” drawing ever closer, the internet has delivered unto us a new meme to herald in the new film. The “Straight Outta” generator urges fans and meme enthusiasts alike to promote where they’re from because, like Dre says, we’re all straight outta somewhere.

But as is the rule with anything on the internet, when left to its own devices, madness will ensue, celebrities will be teased and First World Problems will be acknowledged. As always, the internet did not disappoint. Here are some of the best #StraightOutta memes on the web.

  1. When Your Diss Tracks Didn't Go The Way You Planned
  2. When You're About To Launch Your Solo Career
  3. When You Know You're The Product Of Pop Culture Royalty
  4. When You're On Your Way Out Of The Office, Literally
  5. When You're Down With Running Through The 6
  6. When A Guy Asks You To Hang Out But You Can Read The Subtext
  7. When You're Trying To Stay Cool But You're Ready To Spill It
  8. When Mom Didn’t Do The Grocery Shopping Yet
  9. When You Remember Your Roots
  10. When Your Crew Went To Krispy Kreme But Didn't Save You Any
  11. When Your Album Was Supposed To Drop In July And It's Nowhere To Be Found
  12. When You Absolutely Don't Care Anymore