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Nicki Minaj Is Either A Master Troll Or She Has A Very Important Announcement For Us

Either way, we utterly love her.

Let's start this off by saying we love Nicki Minaj (obviously), so our concern here comes from a very real place of adoration and affection. But we have to ask: Is Nicki perhaps the greatest prankster on the planet right now?

At her show in Burgettstown, Penn. Saturday night (Aug. 8), Nicki brought out her finacé Meek Mill to the stage, as she's been wont to do for the lot of her Pinkprint Tour. No surprises there. But it was the way Nicki introduced Meek that was a little, well, atypical.

"Make some noise for my baby father," Nicki says above screams from the crowd, and the entire world stops to wonder: Could she really be pregnant? And if she was, is this the way she'd choose to tell us -- onstage in a Pittsburgh suburb on a random Saturday night? And if she's NOT, is this some kind of ploy to up Meek's cred in the midst of his ongoing feud with Drake?

Honestly, maybe.

But later on Twitter, Nicki seemed like she was JK.

Tears of joy or tears of laughter from cackling at how gullible we all are? That is the question.

Nicki doesn't play around, especially when it comes to dudes selling her own merch right under her nose, which is why this announcement may, in fact, be genuine. Of course, she hasn't confirmed anything yet, and I'm not sure she's going to, because there might not be anything to confirm, you know?

Ugh. Life's unknowns, man.

If Nicki and Meek are truly expecting, we wish them so many wonderful vibes and can't fully express how happy that makes us. Seriously, that's awesome. If they're not, though -- well, it looks like we just found another reason to keep loving Nicki anyway: her "Monster" sense of humor.