Louis C.K.'s Latest 'Louie' Announcement Is Kind Of A Bummer, TBH

We might not see Louie for a little while.

Since 2010, "Louie" has been our go-to TV show for highlighting the psychological traumas of Christmas shopping and capturing the painful quirkiness of dating. But given troubling news announced Friday (Aug. 7), we might have to find another source of validation for a little while.

Yes, "Louie" is going on an "extended hiatus," according to the head of FX Networks and FX Productions, which could last anywhere from six months to two years -- or perhaps even longer. The real Louie is listed as an executive producer for three other FX projects, including a comedy starring Zach Galifianakis as a clown (yes please), so some time off makes sense business-wise.

It's also not that surprising, given how show creator, writer, director, editor and star Louis C.K. took a full two years off between seasons three and four. Still, it makes our hearts ache when Louie isn't around to share extremely awkward, private moments with his adolescent daughters (and by extension, us).

At least we'll have the first four seasons on Netflix. Oh, and this ridiculous MTV promo from sometime in the '90s.