A Stylist Explains Why Jennifer Lawrence Is The Living Embodiment Of Hairspiration

Why is J-Law such a hair icon? We asked an expert.

Do you remember how, late in 2013, supershort pixie cuts had a sudden, unseasonable surge in popularity? Well, they did. And y'know why?

No, it's not because Mercury was in retrograde. It's all the fault of Jennifer Lawrence, who is uniquely endowed with the ability to not only debut a new haircut, color, or style every other month and always look fabulous, but to make us all want the exact same thing on our own heads, right now, immediately.

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But what is it about J-Law that makes her such fantastic hairspiration? Is it just straight-up magic, or is there something stylistically special about her? To find out, we caught up with Paige Lewis, owner of Hairs to You salon in Bala Cynwyd, Pa., to get some inside scoop.

For starters, our style expert confirmed that Jennifer Lawrence is a legitimate hair icon; whatever direction she takes her tresses, others are bound to follow.

"When Jennifer had the super textured bob, many people were looking for that style, and would bring pictures of her with the razored ends, chunky layers, and beachy waves," Lewis said. "And many many people are attracted to her gorgeous, painted on 'lived in' highlights that look so natural and sunkissed."

Even more interesting, J-Law's onscreen style has become a major source of inspiration when it comes to more formal hair: "For my special event clientele, especially proms and weddings, I've absolutely seen an influx of braids being incorporated into styles in the past few years," Lewis confirmed. "I'm positive Katniss Everdeen had something to do with that."

And while Lewis definitely saw her clients get struck with pixie fever when the "Hunger Games" actress debuted her supershort crop, that 'do was so fabulous that not even our expert was immune to its power: "When I decided to cut my long hair off, Jennifer Lawrence was my main inspiration picture," she admitted. "Then many of my clients were inspired by me to cut theirs!"

So, what makes J-Law such a favorite celeb to pin on our hairspiration boards? Partly, says Lewis, it's that her style is so accessible. She explained, "Jennifer has a hair type many American women can relate to. It is medium thickness, it has some texture, but it's not too curly or too straight, and she has such a great 'girl next door' vibe about her."


But, our expert adds, there are other forces at work, too: "So many people are just crazy about her personality. Many women really wish she was their new best friend."

In short, it's not the hair that matters. It's the part where it's on Jennifer Lawrence's head -- and the part where, when we imitate her latest cut, color, or style, we maybe feel just the teensiest bit closer to our biggest celebrity girlcrush.

At least until she debuts her next 'do.