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‘Fantastic Four’s’ Kate Mara Is Going To War For Her Next Big Role

The actress has signed on to play real-life Iraq war hero Megan Leavey.

After kicking some serious butt as Sue Storm in “Fantastic Four,” Kate Mara is playing another superhero of sorts for her next big project.

The actress has signed on to star in a biopic about real-life war hero Megan Leavey, a young Marine who turned her life around after enlisting in a K9 unit.

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Leavey was paired with an aggressive dog named Rex, and together, they were deployed to Iraq as an elite bomb sniffing team. The duo served two tours together and completed more than 100 missions before being wounded by an IED explosion in 2006. Leavey received a purple heart and was removed from the front lines, but Rex remained working as a military dog until 2012, at which point Leavey fought to adopt him and ultimately cared for him until his death later that year.

So, yes, this sounds like quite the powerful tearjerker.

The as-yet-untitled biopic is being directed by Gabriela Cowperthwaite, who’s no stranger to emotional stories — she last helmed “Blackfish,” the acclaimed 2013 documentary about captive orcas.

On Thursday (Aug.6), Mara tweeted her excitement about the project, saying she and Cowperthwaite are “so proud” to tell Leavey’s “inspirational” story.