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Is Dr. Dre's Compton An Instant Classic Or A Disappointment? Fans React

Here's how 'Compton' is being received.

Dr. Dre's Compton is out now, and as you can imagine, fans are reacting.

Yep, Dre's album dropped a day early through an exclusive Apple Music stream. Kendrick Lamar, Eminem, Game and Snoop Dogg are all featured, along with newcomers King Mez and Justus, among others.

As soon as the album surfaced, fans began voicing their opinions about the CPT legend's latest. Here's a look at how fans are responding to Dr. Dre's first official album release since 1999:

  • The flame emojis are coming out.
  • Some even compared it to real flames.
  • People are definitely still bringing Detox up.
  • Kendrick Lamar is getting his props.
  • King Mez realizes how epic his work here is.
  • Folks are saying Dre changed the game...again.
  • Some are calling it an album of the year nominee.
  • People are saying they haven't heard Snoop like this before.
  • Fans love how Game and Dre sound together.
  • Dre's being called one of the best again.
  • Others are disappointed with this effort.
  • And yep, Compton is being called a classic.
  • But others won't jump the gun on that term just yet.

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