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9 Times The Ladies Of Middle-Earth Gave Us The Perfect Feminist Shut-Downs

Let's face it, as much we wish we could throw away all our modern possessions and run away to live in a cozy hole in the ground like the Baggins of Bag End, Middle-Earth isn't always the fantastical paradise we imagine it is. Specifically, it's totally a boy's club when you think about it. "Lord Of The Rings" somehow only had room for three major female roles in three movies, and "The Hobbit" is so chock fulla dudes that director Peter Jackson literally had to invent a woman out of thin air in an attempt to balance things out.

But! When these women DID get the chance to join in on the orc-smashing, world-saving fun, they totally brought the house down -- and gave us some rad quotes about making their own decisions, caring about others, and being the badass ladies we know they are. And even though you're not an elf or a shieldmaiden, you can totally use them yourself!

  1. When somebody makes fun of you for caring about feminist issues:
  2. When a stranger tries to catcall you:
  3. When a bunch of random Twitter eggs hit up your mentions with that #NotAllMen noise:
  4. When your favorite superhero gets left off the merch because she's a woman:
  5. When you get nervous about what’s gonna happen to Planned Parenthood:
  6. When somebody tries to shame you for literally anything you do with your body:
  7. When you meet another baller feminist in the wild:
  8. When you get told the thing you're upset about isn't such a big deal:
  9. And finally, the best shutdown of literally all time: