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One Thing Drake Needs To Seriously Consider Before Bringing Back Flight Suits

Drake's OVO Fest was full of fashion. When he wasn't dissing Meek Mill in front of giant memes, Drake was wearing a 'Free Meek Mill' shirt, unveiling the new Toronto Raptors' jerseys, and, apparently, trying to bring Jordan Flight Suits back into style.

Fresh on the heels of his Jordan collaboration finally getting a release date, Drake broke out a new Flight Suit for his OVO performance. While two-piece Flight Suit iterations exist, the original design was a one-piece and it appears that is what Drake has decided to resurrect.

Whether the suit is custom for Drake or an OVO collab that's on its way remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure—wearing an outfit consisting of a one-piece is challenging. Mainly, it's always weird to have to get undressed to go to the bathroom. As a veteran romper-wearer I now know all of the challenges that come with wearing a romper or jumpsuit, but I once was like Drake and all about the #FASHUN and not the functionality. Now I know better.

So, Drake, if you are, in fact, poised to bring Flight Suits back, please consider designing two-pieces. They look equally as Ghostbusters-like, but are way more functional—just something to consider before you commit to a future of stripping before going to the bathroom.

Thanks for your time.

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