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Ansel Elgort's A Secret Motorcycle Master In This 'Teen Vogue' Photoshoot

We likey the bikey, Ans.

Here's Ansel Elgort, ready to break you into a million star-shaped pieces of gush all over again.

This time, he's on the cover of Teen Vogue for the September issue, with a behind-the-scenes photoshoot video that is 100% guaranteed to give you severe heart palpitations and/or completely melt-age. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Elgort, who chatted about the earliest days of his passion career as DJ Ansolo (formerly Hanzolo) with the mag -- yes, he is that cool -- hit the race track in a slick leather jacket and straddled a motorcycle in the sunshine because yes, sometimes we CAN have nice things.

He even gave it an expert spin because he can totally get down with the vroom. But of course he can.

Elgort said that he first started spinning discs back in high school but that it took him awhile to get where he wanted to be with it. "I began DJing for fun. My friend taught me on a computer with Traktor DJ, and I would play for classmates at parties," he told Teen Vogue. "But I really fell in love with dance music when I was 18. It took a year before I made anything I was really happy with."

Back then, he had the stage name Hanzolo, but he decided to ditch on account of peer pressure.

"I called myself 'Hanzolo,' but when I told a pal of mine at school, he was like, 'Dude, that's the stupidest name ever. You have to change that. Why don't you just call yourself 'Ansolo'?'" Elgort remembered. "And I was like, 'Oh, word. That's cooler.' Hanzolo just sounds stupid."

Being the pack of unabashed "Star Wars" enthusiasts that we are, have been, and always will be around here, we beg to differ. But Ansolo works too.

Apparently, Ansel's been scratching his musical itch all summer while he films "Allegiant: Part 1" down in Atlanta, Georgia, too. "I actually get into it more when I'm on set," he explained. "I like to focus on it when I'm in the trailer waiting for my scenes."

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