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'Aliens Are Stupid' And 11 Other Things We Know About 'The 5th Wave' Movie Right Now

Warning: This post is full of book-based spoilers about 'The 5th Wave,' so if you haven't read it yet, steer clear (or the aliens will come get you in your sleep).

If you too have been anxiously awaiting some new deets on "The 5th Wave" ever since Chloe Grace Moretz wrapped her run as the lone wanderer survivor Cassie, let's be honest, it's been kind of a slow burn. A lot like the plague of pestilence that took out so many poor earthlings in Rick Yancey's book, come to think of it.

But now, with the film adaptation just half a year away, new pieces of the picture are starting to trickle in from above. And since we know you're just as antsy as we are about seeing the world fall apart thanks to a 1-2-3-4-and 5 series take-down measure executed by the scariest, most regretless bad guys the world could ever know, we rounded up all the goods right here to help you catch up before the 1st Wave sets into motion.

Here's what we know about the incoming (movie) so far:

  1. Cassie still makes time to paint her nails and eat Starburst during the alien apocalypse because priorities.

    In between all her rampant journaling and shivering in the woods as she tries to outrun the alien forces that would gladly turn her to dust, Cassie's still gotta be a teenager sometimes.

  2. What aliens look like outside of their human host form is still totally TBD.

    If you're expecting "The 5th Wave" to give you some grand visual of the elusive extra terrestrial form, think again. Because these aliens pull a full-on body-snatcher invasion maneuver, which means our imaginations are still free to run wild.

  3. Ringer is going to be one bad mamma jamma.

    Readers of "The Infinite Sea" know full well that Ringer might be secondary in the first "5th Wave" story, but she's gonna be the central player in the sequel. Which is why we were doing happy dances all over the place when they landed Maika Monroe for the role because talk about a solid up-and-comer. And this first pic of her in the driver's seat sealed the deal on our confidence.

  4. The 2nd Wave is going to be no joke.

    As this and the first pseudo-teaser trailer for "The 5th Wave" proved, the relics of humanity are going to take quite a pounding once the floods set in. Yikes.

  5. Bear is going to be there breaking our hearts.

    Five-year-old Sam's dirty old teddy bear becomes a symbol of his sister's refusal to give up on him. In her survival bag are but a few things, but Bear is a must-have for her at all times. (BRB while we wipe away all the weeps right quick.)

  6. The woods are going to be creepy AF.

    Cassie might not have picked up what Evan was putting down when he first came around, but these woods should set the tone for what's really going on with this hunter boy who takes a shine to her.

  7. But then, we can also see what she sees in him.

    Sure, he pretty much hijacked that face and body from some poor farm boy, but Alex Roe is totally on our To Watch list. Yow.

  8. But here's the real heart-breaker of the bunch.

    Zackary Arthur as Sammy is going to be just as lovable as described.

  9. The gang's all here.

    The resistance kids are even tinier than we imagined, but we can totally see their fight bubbling at the surface. Go team humans.

  10. Even so, the body count is still going to be pretty staggering.

    By the time we meet Cassie, the population of people is but a percentage of a percentage of what it was before the 1st Wave. So, as this shot warns, there are going to be a lot of body bags laying around.

  11. Annnnd she'll also be alone A LOT.

    Most of "The 5th Wave" is going to be the Chloe Grace Moretz show because for a decent chunk of the story, she's riding out this final wave all by her lonesome, convinced that she is the last lingering human anywhere. But don't worry because CGM is going to own it. No doubt.

"The 5th Wave" is coming to theaters on Jan. 15, 2016, and you're now officially prepared for the next wave of promotion.

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