Steven Meisel/W Magazine

Let Gigi Hadid Teach You How To Walk Like A Model


As one of today's top models, we have to wonder how Gigi Hadid makes time to prep for her runway appearances. Luckily for us, she took time out of her W Magazine cover shoot to instruct us commoners on how to nail the perfect model walk. It involves treadmills, crawling, walking around blindfolded, and watching countless hours of footage. Runway training is not for the faint of heart.

She's kidding, of course. But Gigi definitely enjoyed getting to poke fun at herself and the fashion industry while shooting the video for W.

"When I heard that [the video] was going to be funny and that we could kind of make fun of our world in a way, that's what made me so excited," she explains. "I think it's always kind of a good thing to laugh at yourself a bit."

And that she did. In the clip, she stresses the importance of training for the runway, comparing the perfect walk to that of a cheetah and highlighting the necessity of always putting your left foot first.

"It's always left foot in front of right foot," she explains. "If you go right foot in front of left, everyone's gonna know. It's embarrassing. It's social suicide."

Watch the whole video to learn how we've all been walking wrong this whole time.