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Here's How Jennifer Lawrence Got Her Fresh New Girl Squad Together

The story behind the year's best jet-skiing incident is here.

Because Jennifer Lawrence is the grand high empress of everything, we kinda never even thought to ask how she wound up in pinnacle position atop a human pyramid of ladies last month.

I mean, why wouldn't J-Law be the literal apex of her own personal girl squad? It's just logical!

But for those wondering how the "Hunger Games" headliner came to be on a boat with Amy Schumer, star of "Trainwreck," the back story is here -- and it's phenomenal, of course.

In an interview on "The Daily Show," Schumer explained how it all went down. For starters, here's what you should know: Amy Schumer loves Jennifer Lawrence.

"She is the coolest chick you'll ever meet. And she's beautiful. And she's smarter than everybody," she gushed.

So when Amy was headed for the Hamptons with a gang of ladyfriends, it was a no-brainer to invite the Oscar-winning actress to tag along.

"I was like, we're going on a boat tomorrow, you should come," Amy said, and... well, you all know what happened. J-Law did come. And the rest is history -- and the best Instagram pic we've ever seen.

Apparently, J-Law insisted on sitting in the driver's seat.

"We wound up going jet skiing and I was like, 'I'll drive, I got this,' and she was like, 'No! I'm Hunger Games!'" Amy said.

Obviously, Jon Stewart wanted in on the next J-Law-inclusive vacation, although Amy seemed a little reluctant to make future outings co-ed.

We get it: When you've got this kind of relationship with Jennifer Lawrence, you want to keep it all for yourself.