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Emma Watson Goes Au Naturel For The Cover Of British 'Vogue'

It's September Issue season (so, the month of August) and if a basically make-up-free Emma Watson on the cover of British Vogue is any indication of the covers to come, consider us stoked.

Vogue UK

The actress appears on the coveted September issue wearing a Stella McCartney dress and little-to-no make-up, and looks, as she always does, perfect. The issue marks her second Vogue UK cover (her first was in 2010), and she's come a long way. Dubbed the "Voice Of a Generation" by the mag, Emma's been working hard as a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador, giving a keynote speech last year on gender equality that ended up going viral.

"I was in my hotel room, thinking, I can’t do this. I was just terrified," she explained. "And then I Skyped a friend who said, ‘Go through it again and ask yourself, if you were hit by a bus tomorrow, would you be comfortable with every single line?'"

And it worked out. The video of her speech has been viewed over 7 million times on YouTube and Emma's since turned her focus to her UN role and "HeForShe" campaign.

"Everything clicked in to place, in a way that it hadn't before. I understood what I'm here to do and knew where to channel all this energy that has been coming at me. I now feel this sense of peace. People say that I'm different since I did it."

Vogue UK

Despite being one of the most celebrated actresses of our generation, Emma still struggles with success, telling the mag, "When I was younger, I just did it. I just acted. It was just there. So now when I receive recognition for my acting, I feel incredibly uncomfortable. I tend to turn in on myself. I feel like an imposter ... It was just something I did."

Maybe having landed her second Vogue cover by 25 will ensure her that she's the real deal.

The full issue will hit newsstands on August 6, so get ready for some more insanely on-point insight and, of course, flawless photos from Emma.