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13 Truths You Learn About Your Significant Other During A Road Trip

Relationships are a journey, so why not take one?

Going on a road trip is a more serious commitment than going on a more traditional vacation as a couple. Imagine if you moved in together, lost everything and had to flee town all at the same time; that's what road trips are like. They come with a level of pressure that would make anyone wonder why they'd do this with someone they love.

Still, many couples road trip together and are often better for it. It's a collaborative adventure that shows your significant other your true personality, from the silly to the serious. Here's what the road can teach you about your romantic partner:

  1. Their preferred style of car-dancing

    You've been in a car with them before, but for some people it takes hours before they're literally driven to bust a move. A road trip makes this inevitable, so you'll finally figure out if you're dating a air-puncher, karate chopper or all of the above.

  2. Their guilty music pleasures...

    There are few moments as special as realizing you've both memorized an embarrassing amount of TLC rap solos. Cherish it.

  3. ...and their even guiltier fast-food pleasures

    He's always treated you like a queen -- but in this case, you're queen of the burgers.

  4. What kind of candy they like for breakfast

    Sugar fuels the road trip almost as much as gas does, but bae's breakfast candy of choice might surprise you. Now you know a new sweet thing to get for your old sweet thing.

  5. How they take their gas station coffee

    You don't always have the luxury of stopping at Starbucks when you're on the road. This may change how they take their coffee. Depending on the gas station, they might take it as A Red Bull.

  6. How they entertain themselves

    Everyone deals with the solitude of the open road differently and that can get weird. Between the sleep deprivation and limited access to social stimulation, you are your own (and each other's) entertainment. Embracing that and having fun with it will make you more comfortable coping with everyday boredom outside of the car.

  7. If you can work together

    If relationships are about teamwork then this is your Super Bowl -- and not just because there's so much Katy Perry playing. Odds are, you're either going to get lost, encounter car trouble or get a bogus parking ticket somewhere along the way. You're going to have to work together to solve those problems.

  8. How good you really are at fighting (and making up)

    If you're one of those couples that "doesn't fight," a road trip will quickly cure you of that. No one wants to be in a relationship with constant fighting, but it's important to learn how to deal with occasional conflict in a healthy way. Bring trapped in a car is basically your bootcamp for this.

  9. How secretly high maintenance they might be

    They might be super chill at home, but the road has a way of bringing out the Diva in all of us. Whether they're blasting the AC or having a panic attack about gross public bathrooms, we all have our things; now you know your boo's.

  10. How secretly stubborn they are

    As the old stereotype goes, men never stop to ask for directions. A more accurate, updated version of this would be that some personality types would rather waste hours veering off-course than admit to being wrong. We're all a little stubborn, but this kind of adventure shows you just how far that stubbornness goes.

  11. TMI stuff

    You never needed to know the size of their bladder before this trip, but now you'll know after making a gazillion bathroom stops en route. These are fun facts for you two that no one else needs to know about.

  12. How well they disconnect from the outside world

    This is still a vacation and you'll both want to Instagram some of it, but you don't wanna lose sight of the simplicity of just being together. The open road will show you where your significant other draws the line when it comes to unplugging from social media and their smartphones.

  13. What kind of parent they'll be

    Whether they're waking you up at dawn to beat traffic or packing snacks to avoid extra stops, road trips bring out many people's domestic sides. Appreciate it for what it is without taking it too seriously. You're driving into a different zip code, not the future.