This 'Teen Wolf' Star Is Everyone's Dream Girl In The Lighthouse And The Whaler's New Video

Making us miss summer already.

Fun fact: Holland Roden (of "Teen Wolf" fame) and the band Lighthouse and the Whaler are kind of obsessed with each other. Case in point: Holland appears as the main character in the band's dreamy new video for their new single "I Want To Feel Alive," which premieres exclusively today at

"About a year and a half ago, two years ago, Holland mentioned she was a fan of our music [online] somewhere and we started communicating over Twitter," the band's Ryan Walker told MTV News. "Last year we played a show in L.A. and we invited her to come to the show and she was like, ‘Oh, I already bought tickets, I’ll see you guys there.’"

The guys -- and Holland, who plays Lydia Martin on "Teen Wolf" -- became fast friends after that, and started looking for opportunities to work together. "I Want To Feel Alive," off of the band's upcoming record, Mont Royal, seemed the perfect opportunity to tap into Holland's acting skills.

She plays the love interest of an unseen protagonist, breezing through summery scenes as the band croons about wanting to feel alive.

"[The male character in the video is a] universal person," lead singer Michael LoPresti told MTV. "When I was writing and creating this song, I felt the theme of wanting to feel alive was very universal. I’ve never really been one to try to tell people what they think or should do; I’d rather raise a question and let them draw the meaning that they need to from it. I think that’s what art is about in general, really. But that’s kind of what the point of view was meant to evoke."

As for Holland's part in the video? "She did such a good job acting in it -- I was like this is real acting," Michael said. "I’m a musician; I’m not emotive enough with my facial features probably to be a good actor. But I went back again to watch some more of [her work] because I was just so impressed with how well she did on the fly."

Something tells us that this is just the start of a beautiful friendship. Mont Royal drops on August 28.