17 Nuggets Of Wisdom To Get You Through The Academic Year

The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell.

Swimsuits are on sale, your mom's on your case about summer reading (oops) and the smell of pumpkin-spice-everything is practically already in their air. With back-to-school season fast approaching, Twitter has some useful lessons to get you back into the groove -- and to help ease the pain.

Brother and sister duo @Monday_Mayhem tweeted out a request on Monday morning asking current and former students what major life lessons they learned in school with the hashtag #IfAnythingSchoolTaughtMe. Here are 17 of the truest and funniest tweets:

  1. These three words are the truth
  2. That school nurses have a secret weapon
  3. That procrastination is possible...

    ...but not advisable.

  4. Seriously guys, don't procrastinate

    Advance planning is the key to a stress-free life.

  5. This person has the right idea


  6. To be chill
  7. That school dress codes sometimes make no sense
  8. To be nice to the smart ones...
  9. That textbook phrasing is memorable
  10. That people are bashful in acrobatic ways
  11. And people are also secretive in acrobatic ways
  12. That cleverness is only useful sometimes
  13. That we will always find ways to misuse calculators
  14. That Scantron tests instill fear in the bravest souls
  15. That Cindy is going to have a lot of fruit salad
  16. To bribe your teachers with electronics?

    Don't actually bribe your teachers with electronics.

  17. And even gym class has its benefits

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