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How Did This Teen Get Locked Up For 40 Days For Throwing A Snowball?

'There’s a fear now. He doesn't trust police officers,' his mom told a local news outlet.

In 2013, 16-year-old Dominique Rondeau spent almost 40 days in juvenile detention after he allegedly threw a snowball at a parked police car outside East English Village High School in Detroit. Now, two years later, he's suing the Detroit Public Schools and the two officers involved in his case alleging false arrest and malicious prosecution.

According to The Detroit Free Press, Dominique was charged with destroying police property, was taken to a juvenile detention center and his bond was set at $2,000. When his bench trial came in February, the officers who claimed to identify Dominique from surveillance video were unable to conclusively identify him as the perpetrator. The officers also said they did not personally see Dominique throw the snowball on the day in question.

The judge dismissed the case, but since Dominique's family was unable to pay the $2,000 bond, he had already spent nearly 40 days in juvenile detention -- including Christmas and New Year's.

Dominique, now 18, denies ever throwing the snowball. "The only evidence they had was the camera, and the camera couldn’t see anything," he said.

The Detroit Free Press reports that Dominique, "who is emotionally impaired, has filed a federal court lawsuit alleging false arrest and malicious prosecution. The lawsuit says police arrested him without probable cause or a warrant, a violation of his constitutional rights."

The outlet also notes that in September 2013, Dominique was accused of "pushing and kicking a DPS police officer," which he was eventually found responsible for, after the snowball incident had been dismissed.

Dominique's mother, Sheron, described the effect the situation has had on her son. "There’s a fear now. He doesn’t trust police officers," she said.

MTV News has reached out to Dominique's family for comment and will continue to update this story as details unfold.

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