Why The F—k Isn’t D.C. A State?

John Oliver explains how the capital's government has about as much power as your student body president.

Who has more of a say in the U.S. government -- a panda or a citizen of Washington D.C.? These are the hard-hitting questions John Oliver's asking on this week's episode of "Last Week Tonight." Whether it's budgets, laws or wartime decisions, the District of Columbia just doesn't get a real say in how their city is being run -- while representatives from other states can adjust, veto or amend any legislation they actually manage to bring to the floor on a whim.

The people of D.C. have been pushing for statehood (or even just house voting rights in the House of Representatives) for years. As recently as 2009, they came pretty close with the the D.C. House Voting Rights Act. It was derailed though, when an amendment from Congress would've repealed all of the gun control laws in the district (including the ban on semi-automatic weapons.) Safe to say, the district dropped the bill pretty quickly.

As only he can, Oliver breaks down why this is all pretty freakin' ridiculous and brings it all home with a musical case for the capital's statehood.

Also: D.C.'s congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton will definitely be your new hero after you watch this -- SHE WILL NOT YIELD.