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After This Vote, Planned Parenthood Could Be In Major Trouble

Also: VP Joe Biden might run for prez, and three people die at festivals this weekend.

Senate Vote Could Halt Funding For PP

After a series of videos released by an anti-abortion group appeared to show Planned Parenthood staffers nonchalantly offering fetal tissue for sale, Republicans in the Senate will put forward a test vote on Monday (Aug. 3) attempting to defund the group. The bill faces a tough uphill battle -- including filibusters from Democrats and a potential presidential veto -- in trying to strip the organization of its $528 million in taxpayer support each year. The majority of that funding comes from the Medicaid health plan for low-income people, which is harder to remove and accounts for around 3/4 of the group's government support.

Hillary Clinton Could Get Some Serious Competition Soon

After staying on the DL most of the year, Vice President Joe Biden is reportedly considering launching another White House run. Biden's team is considering challenging Hillary Clinton and the other democratic candidates in the 2016 race, reportedly inspired by the recent death of Biden's son Beau, who is said to have encouraged his dad to give it one more shot; one of Beau's top aides, Josh Alcorn, joined the Super PAC trying to woo Biden on Sunday. Biden, 72, would face the formidable challenge of Clinton's already large fundraising totals and endorsements if he enters the race. Here's a stat: 14 of our 47 vice presidents have gone on to serve as President.

Three Deaths At Weekend Festivals

It was a rough weekend for music festivals in the U.S. A sudden thunderstorm in Chicago not only caused the rapid evacuation of 100,000 from Lollapalooza, but also the death of a 35-year-old man at the suburban Prairie Fest, when extremely high winds caused a tent to take flight and collapse over a group of attendees. In Pomona, California, officials said two teenage girls, 18 and 19, died of apparent drug overdoses at the Hard Summer Music Festival.

Daily Pic: New Yorker's were reminded of the late Cecil the lion this weekend when enormous images of endangered animals were projected on the Empire State Building as part of the Projecting Change initiative.