Olivia Mears

This Woman Dressed As ‘Taco Belle’ Should Star In ‘Beauty And The Feast’

We're hungry now.

If you take one look at any creation by costume designer Olivia Mears, you'll see that she likes her fashion with a side of fun. Her most recent creation is no different, paying homage to a Disney classic and a certain drive-thru restaurant ... as "Taco Belle."

Mears told MTV News says she thought of the creation two years ago when on Halloween she stopped at Taco Bell for a bite -- dressed as Belle from "Beauty and the Beast." However, she decided to include a lot more lettuce and cheese in this version of the dress.

Mears has had a long relationship with Taco Bell, even appearing in one of their commercials last year in a different delicious-looking taco-themed dress:

Here's hoping she scores another commercial with the restaurant as "Taco Belle" herself.

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