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This Is What Kanye West's New Design Studio Looks Like

One word: Awesome.

If you've been dying to know where Kanye West creates his fashion masterpieces (like us!), look no further, y'all. Someone snapped some pics of 'Ye in his new LA design studio yesterday and wow, this place looks incredible.

New York Fashion Week is comin' up real quick, so we can only assume/hope he's working on pieces for his next Adidas collection. Between all the mood boards and sample racks, it's clear Kanye has something up his sleeve. (Heh.)

Oooh! It looks like Kim also stopped by to help him with his design work, which is truly adorable. But also, um, does this mean she'll have a part in his next show?! *prays*

In another shot, 'Ye kicks back in a sea of samples, and if you squint hard enough you might be able to get a preview of some of his upcoming designs. JK, don't kid yourself.

And finally, a shot of Kanye walking around the studio because, hey, we've already creeped this hard so why not? Are you stoked for Kanye's next collection? Let us know in the comments below!