Man Buns Reimagined As Cinnamon Buns Is The Visual Snack You Didn't Know You Needed  

Suddenly, we have room for dessert.


Cinnamon buns + man buns = so much drool.

You'll never look at man buns the same way again, thanks to a new Tumblr created by geniuses Steve Stenholt and Matt FullerCinnaman Bun takes photos of celebs and other notable cuties who rock a man bun, and replaces that irresistible tuft of hair with something even more tempting: a hot, dripping cinnamon roll. The result is ridiculously appealing and will have you wishing they served grade A hotties at the mall food court.

Check out the some of the most delicious bun mash-ups below.

  • Colin Farrell

    Talk about luck of the Irish.

  • Bradley Cooper

    This is airport food we can get behind.

  • Joakim Noah

    You can go ahead and dunk that bun right into our mouths, thanks.

  • Jared Leto

    30 seconds till we eat our computer monitors.

  • This fashionable cutie

    So sophisticated. So sexy. So ready to eat all of this for breakfast.

  • ...And this business bun

    First on today's agenda: let us lick your head please.

  • ...And of course, the godfather of man buns, Leonardo DiCaprio

    This man bun probably cares deeply for the environment. So sweet.