How To 'Game Of Thrones' Your Life In 11 Easy Steps

You might look like a weirdo, but who cares?!

Many "Game of Thrones" fans have undoubtedly fantasized about packing up their things and jetting off to Westeros -- the only problem being, of course, that George R. R. Martin's mythical barbaric land does not actually exist. However, if you know where to look, there are definitely ways to bring a little bit of Westeros (and Essos) into your own life, here on our own, dragon-less Planet Earth.

Below, find our super handy guide to living your best, most "Game of Thrones" life without really trying:

  1. Take water-dancing classes.

    Want to be a real-life Arya Stark? It's easier than you think, now that Syrio Forel himself, Miltos Yerolemou, is teaching classes. His upcoming sessions at GeekFest are sold out, but if they go well -- and they're sold out, so let's just say they will -- sky's the limit.

  2. Study evil.

    If you want to survive in King's Landing, you'll have to learn all about the basics of evil -- so thank god multiple courses exist both online and at actual universities to help you study up. You can download University of Virginia Professor Charles Mathewes' course here,

  3. Figure out leeches.

    As Melisandre has proven, there's no easier way to get rid of your enemies than to cast a death curse on them using leeches. Lucky for you (and unlucky for whoever ticked you off), leech therapy courses are taking YouTube by storm!

  4. Cook some wild boar and lemon cakes.

    Blog-slash-cookbook "Inn at the Crossroads" is so solid that it's earned the distinction of being the official "Game of Thrones" food blog. You can learn how to make everything from Sansa's favorite lemon cakes to a traditional Dornish dinner to oxtail soup to plum wine... just avoid the pigeon pie, if you know what's good for you.

  5. Learn how to use a big-ass sword.

    You can literally learn how to use a Longclaw-style longsword on the Internet now, via but you'll have to get the Valyerian steel yourself. And if you live in NYC, you can practice your skillz at Sword Class NYC in Hell's Kitchen.

  6. Make medieval ale.

    Yes, this is something you can actually do, because the Internet is a wonderful place. Pour one out for King Robert.

  7. Make your own family crest.

    Make a crest, then decide whether you're willing to fight and die for it.

  8. Make your own Weirwood forrest.

    Learn how to do it here... whether or not you'll swear an oath to it is up to you.

  9. Style your hair like Daenerys.

    ... Or Cersei, or Sansa, or whichever braided beauty you wish to emulate. There are tutorials all over the Interwebs, and we love this Dany one in particular. If you're a dude, just grow it out a few inches, put some Bed Head in it, and call it a day.

  10. Train a raven.

    Can't promise you that it'll send your rent check in the mail, but according to the Smithsonian, you can get them to do some stuff.

  11. LARP to your heart's content.

    At the end of the day, if you REALLY want to live like "Game of Thrones," put your money where your mouth is and LARP it. Underworld LARP has taken on "GoT" before, and the site in general has a world of information about LARP opportunities that range from "Harry Potter" to medieval to pretty much anything else your heard could ever desire. Why not let that freak flag fly?!