Tacocat Teaches Us How To Properly Cat Call

It will make sense -- I promise.

If you're a person who is female, some dude has probably yelled something unseemly at you at some point during your life -- likely more than one dude and more than one time. For those fed up with the shrill cries of cat callers in heat, Seattle band Tacocat has penned "Hey Girl."

And for those wishing to shout out the ladies as they stroll down those summer streets, the quartet has offered up some fool-proof tips (exclusively to MTV) for properly getting that lady's attention. Kind of.

If you are not familiar with Tacocat -- that gaping emptiness in your heart? It's about to be filled. Comprising Emily Nokes, Bree McKenna, Lelah Maupin and Eric Randall, the Pacific Northwest band has made their bones penning distinctly feminist and/or tongue-in-cheek jams like "Hey Girl," "Crimson Wave" (it's about what you think it it's about) and "This Is Anarchy" (about trust fund radicals). Oh, and they kinda think Katy Perry ripped them off with that whole dancing-shark thing at the Super Bowl.

Their latest LP, NVM, dropped in 2014 and the band is currently hard at work on its followup -- still, they took some time out from touring and generally being rad to chat with MTV about new tunes, their unique band name and the basic rules for cat calling. #5 is a must-read.

MTV: So I love the song 'Hey Girl' -- mostly because I think we can all relate to it. Where did that some come from?

Bree: I think when we wrote that, we were just having these conversations with each other and other women about being exhausted by [cat-calling]. It’s annoying. When it’s not downright dangerous, it’s just like, 'Oh my God, I’m just trying to walk to practice right now.’ It’s just such a weird thing to have to deal with that’s so incredibly one-sided.

1.) Be creative! Everyone's heard "hey baby" and "hey girl," but a different angle might actually get some results this time!

Emily: That song is one of the most fun songs to play for me I think, because I just love getting close to the audience and experiencing their reactions to it. People kind of flip out about it and it feels kind of powerful. It's funny -- young girls will be like, 'Hey girl!’ It's like [they're] taking it back.

MTV: A lot of your songs deal with being a woman -- whether it's getting your period or dealing with creepy dudes. How important is that to your songwriting process -- inserting femininity into your music?

Bree: Most of our songs are just very much about the experience of being a female, but that’s [because] we write a lot of personal songs. We’re super obsessed with talking about our bodies because it’s a big deal in our everyday lives.

MTV: You've probably been asked this a million times, but... Tacocat?

Bree: We couldn’t think of a band name and I was really into palindromes and I was writing a bunch of palindromes on a napkin and it was like, 'Tacocat is an amazing band name.'

2.) Enunciate! Make sure that female focal point (and the rest of the block/area you're in) can hear your innovative invitation!

Emily: Didn’t someone say it's what an 8-year-old would name their band?

Bree: Yeah, what an 8-year-old girl would name their band. And I was like, 'Sounds good to me!'

MTV: So it’s just a palindrome... it doesn't have any other meaning?

Emily: Nope, it was never intended to [have one]. But, because, cats and tacos can be associated with vaginas, sometimes people assign their own meaning. Like, one time [people] just kept chanting ‘taco pussy’ at one of our shows.

3). Be prepared! Have you ever thought about how you'll react when she takes you up on your offer? We know this has never come up, but try not to act startled when she turns around and yells, "YES, I WANT TO SMILE AND ALSO GET INTO YOUR CAR!"

MTV: So you all are working on a new record. What's inspiring you this time around?

Emily: We’re a little interested in vasectomies. Not sure that’s going to go anywhere, but... the whole birth control angle.

Bree: We were discussing mansplaining.

4). Actually, don't f--king catcall.