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Jennifer Lawrence's Reality TV Swag Pack Will Make You Feel Like A Real Housewife

"I may not be a housewife... but I AM prepared to binge watch TF out of this show."

If we know anything about Jennifer Lawrence -- besides the fact that she's a great actress, she's friends with Josh Hutcherson, and she likes snack food -- it's that she loves reality television. Specifically the "Real Housewives" franchise, but JLaw has also given shout-outs to Honey Boo Boo and "Vanderpump Rules" over the past couple of years.

However, given her busy schedule, she probably doesn't have a whole lot of time to sit at home and watch them... which we totally do, so we've given her this handy-dandy guide to a day of successful reality binge-watching as an early 25th birthday gift. YOU'RE WELCOME, JLaw.

  1. This rad AF shark snuggie.

    To succeed on reality television you have to basically be a shark, so why not settle down for a day of reality binging in an actual shark snuggie?

  2. A Seamless account.

    JLaw is preparing to be a New Yorker, and therefore needs a Seamless account. Period. It is known.

  3. Extremely comfortable sweatpants.

    True, the best binges don't necessarily require pants at all, but Under Armour's fleece boyfriend pants are so comfy they feel like wearing nothing. And besides, JLaw will need to cover up a little when she answers the door for that Seamless delivery.

  4. Ibuprofen.

    Listening to those Housewives scream over each other for hours on end gets exhausting.

  5. Josh Hutcherson.

    Does Hutcherson even like reality television? We're not sure, but he's JLaw's onscreen bestie and therefore needs to be present for this binge.

  6. Skinny Girl Sparklers
    Skinny Girl

    Listen, JLaw is going to need to stay hydrated during this whole ordeal, and who better to hydrate with than the skinny girl herself, Bethenny Frankel?

  7. An absolutely absurd dog bed for Pippi.

    We're celebrating all things lavish and totally unnecessary when we watch reality television, so why not get a stupidly pink pillow for Pippi to enjoy during the binge? Giggy the Pom would totally approve. This one from Bentley and Bunny works just fine!

  8. An absolutely absurd statement necklace, for Jen.

    The Countess would be proud. And obviously, sweatpants + statement necklace = the best of looks.

  9. Plastic wine glasses.

    You never know when you're going to need to throw one at your TV. Or at another human being.

  10. Ramona Pinot Grigio.

    What, you thought we were going to say Skinny Girl Margarita? JLaw is having a full-calorie type of day, and besides, it's TURTLE TIME round these parts right now. Next time, Bethenny.

  11. Doritos.

    They're her favorite snack! Get 'em in every flavor, Jen.