'Tangled' Told With Emojis Is The Latest Bit Of Disney Brilliance

Ready for a virtual drop of sun?

If you're a fan of the movie "Tangled," Disney has released an clever new animated short that's about to be your favorite 4-minute distraction today.

In anticipation of an upcoming "Tangled" TV series that is set to premiere in 2017, the animators at Disney have found a way to use the beloved characters from the movie in perfect harmony with the emojis and messaging apps we know so well. The result is a playful and inventive take on the adventures of Rapunzel and Flynn Rider.

Using only a score and "texting" sound effects, this sweet video highlights the power of visual storytelling. It's simple, it's whimsical and it reminds us that it's been way too long since we watched the first one.

Check it out here:

That was fun to the Maximus.