Travis Laubacher

A Behind-The-Scenes Look At MTV's Pitch-Perfect Promo

Simply put, it's a party on Monday nights.

In case you haven't already heard -- thanks to a verrrrrry catchy tune led by Todrick Hall and a bunch of familiar folks -- Mondays on MTV are going be a real party. Get your popcorn and piñatas ready!

The super-catchy promo above (is the song in your head yet?) features a bunch of your faves from "Awkward," "Faking It," "Girl Code Live" -- and, of course, the YouTube sensation who has an upcoming eponymous series -- telling you exactly where you need to be spending the best night of the week, starting on August 31.

But what was it like for the crew -- aka Toddy, Jillian Rose Reed , Beau Mirchoff, Rita Volk, Katie Stevens, Carly Aquilino and Nessa -- to film the fun-loving spot? Well, these lively photos and GIFs sort of sum it up:

  • The crew crooning their cute faces off
    Travis Laubacher
  • Palos Hills' finest showing off THESE FINE DANCE MOVES
  • Toddy and a bunch of 99 bright balloons
    Travis Laubacher
  • The Hester High besties acting all sorts of silly
  • The funny gals (aka your "new BFFs") sharing a warm embrace. AWWWWWWWWWW.
    Travis Laubacher
  • Karmy showing US how they feel
    Travis Laubacher
  • N and T getting chummy, because naturally
  • Oh, you better believe they nailed that high note
    Travis Laubacher
  • Such swaying and singing coordination!

Get ready for all-new episodes of “Awkward,” “Faking It,” “Todrick” and “Girl Code Live” starting at 9/8c on Monday, August 31!