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A Brother And Sister Sent To Prison For Murder As Teens Are About To Go Free

Also: NFL team hires first female coach, Android phones hit with major security bug.

Nation's Youngest Convicted Murderers Set For Release

In less than two weeks, Curtis and Catherine Jones will walk out of prison after serving 18-year sentences for murder. Their release comes nearly two decades after the brother and sister became the youngest children in the nation's history to be charged as adults with first-degree murder. Curtis, then 12, and Catherine, then 13, admitted to killing their father's girlfriend in 1999 in a plot that also included plans to kill their father and another male relative living with them, whom they accused of sexual abuse. They will both be on probation for the rest of their lives.

Arizona Cardinals Hire First Female Coach

Jen Welter is about to make history. The inside linebackers coach is about to become the first woman to be hired as a coach for an NFL team when she takes the field as a coaching intern with the team in training camp and preseason. Welter worked with linebackers and special teams as an assistant coach for the Indoor Football League last year.

Indian Sprinter With High Testosterone Level Can Compete

Dutee Chand has been banned from competing against other women because officials said the female Indian sprinter has abnormally high level of testosterone. But an appeals court ruled this week that the IAFF failed to prove that having a high level of the male hormone known to increase strength and muscle mass give female athletes a performance advantage and has cleared Chand for competition.

When You Say Your Family's Summer Vacation Sucked

The Schmitt family's summer vacation is just like yours, except they just found $1 million worth of sunken Spanish treasure on the floor of the Atlantic Ocean. Their haul included 51 gold coins, 40 feet of gold chain and a rare coin made for the King of Spain in 1715.

Quick take: Check out those text messages before you click. A security expert revealed on Monday that more than 950 million Android phones might be at risk from the "Stagefright" bug, which uses the media player after entering the phone through an MMS message to steal data and allow the attacker to take pictures and record audio without the owner's consent. A fix is coming, so keep your eyes out for an update on your phone.

Daily Pic: The first new Dr. Seuss book in more than two decades, the long-lost "What Pet Should I Get?" hits shelves today. The book is believed to date from 1958-1962 and was discovered by the children's author's widow in 2013.

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