Demi Lovato Is Sexier Than Ever In Her ‘Cool For The Summer’ Video: Watch

Get it, girl!

Damn, Demi Lovato!

The singer just released her brand new video, "Cool For The Summer," and it's seductive, sassy and smokin' hot.

Demi cruises with her girlfriends as they make their way to a full-on rager, filled with foam bubbles, a trampoline, a pillow fight and, of course, lots of making out. I mean, that is what the song is about.

The clip is intercut with shots of Demi doing some serious hair-flips, showing off that envious booty and looking all sorts of sexy as she works a black latex one-piece -- complete with sky-high boots.

And just when you think this video, directed by Hannah Lux Davis, couldn't get any hotter, Demi is seen writhing around on a bed in a blue cut-out bathing suit and a red feather boa.

Clearly matching the hotness of the lyrics to the video, Demi is no doubt embarking on a new chapter of her career, as she exudes a confidence and sexiness that we haven't seen before.

“I’m no longer serious. I’m done with the sob stories and the tales,” Demi told Ryan Seacrest recently. “New chapter, new life, new album, new single, this is a completely new Demi.”