This Is Why Police Are Now Investigating Sandra Bland's Death As A Possible Murder

Also: Ohio Gov. John Kasich to join pres. race, French teen HIV-free for 12 years.

What Happened During The 90 Minutes Before Her Death?

Some facts about the Sandra Bland case we know: The 28-year-old Chicago woman, who was an outspoken opponent of police brutality, was found hanged in her jail cell on July 13, three days after being arrested during a traffic stop during which she reportedly got into some kind of altercation with an arresting officer when she refused to put out her cigarette. Her family has not accepted the official suicide ruling, and on Monday, the District Attorney of Waller County, Texas, said the case is now a murder investigation and will likely to be turned over to a grand jury in August.

Among the factors complicating the case: She tried to hire a bail bondsman shortly before her death and reports that the Texas Sheriff in the county she was arrested in was fired from a previous job over allegations of racism. Authorities are now examining fingerprints and running DNA tests on the plastic bag allegedly used in her hanging. Bland's family has called for an independent autopsy and an investigation from the U.S. Justice Department, saying she had no reason to take her own life over the incident.

Ohio Governor Poised To Be 16th Republican Presidential Nominee

Never heard of John Kasich? You will soon. The two-term Ohio Governor will announce that he's joining the 15 other Republican presidential nominees on Tuesday, with his straight-talking message about fiscal conservatism honed during 18 years in the House (where he was chairman of the Budget Committee) and a decade in the private business sector. He's starting way back in the pack, polling at around 3%, but don't forget: Kasich, who briefly ran for president in 1999, is the governor of the state that has long played a pivotal role in the general election and he has a 60 percent approval rating in Ohio.

French Teenager Who Has Fought HIV For 12 Years Confounds Doctors

Nobody can figure it out. A French teenager infected with HIV at birth has been able to control the levels of infection in her body for 12 years without any traditional antiretroviral treatments. The 18-year-old was given treatments from birth until age 6, but has since maintained undetectable levels of the virus in her blood, giving researchers hope that a "functional" cure for HIV might be possible one day. It is the world's first recorded case of long-term remission from HIV in a child.

Quick Take: One of the co-founders of the recently shuttered music streaming service Grooveshark, 28-year-old Josh Greenberg, was found dead in his Gainesville, Florida, home on Sunday of undetermined causes. His mother said he was healthy and had no known medical conditions. A toxicology report is due in several weeks, but police said an initial investigation found no sign of suicide or foul play. Grooveshark was shut down in April after it was hit with a series of lawsuits from major record labels.

Daily Pic: We've seen plenty of beautiful shots of Earth from space. But NASA's Deep Space Climate Observatory satellite recently captured the first-ever shot of the entire sunlit side of the planet. The July 6 snap is a mash-up of three different images taken from 1 million miles away.