Evan Peters Reveals Why He Doesn't Feel Like A 'Ladies' Man' On 'American Horror Story: Hotel'

The "Safelight" star also reveals his thoughts on Matt Bomer joining the cast.

Pretty much any "American Horror Story" fan who has ever spent time on the Internet -- or attended a rowdy San Diego Comic-Con panel -- is fully aware that, to his legions of loyal supporters, Evan Peters is the show's bona fide heartthrob. And given that he's played a romantic role in every single season, from his emo ghost boyfriend in "Murder House" to his oddly-equipped seducer in "Freak Show," it's understandable why he's earned this reputation as a ladies' man.

However, there is one "AHS"-lover out there who doesn't see Peters in that way -- and it's Peters himself.

When MTV News caught up with Peters over the phone on Friday (July 17) to chat about his new indie film "Safelight," we just had to ask him if Matt Bomer and Wes Bentley joining the cast of "Hotel" had him shaking in his heartthrob boots due to all the good looking male competition. And as it turns out, the answer is "not so much."

"I want more and more people to be on the show -- more guys," he said with a laugh. "Let's get some more bros on here and bro it up a little bit. I'm excited to work with all those guys, I think it's going to be awesome. They're great actors, too.

"So no, I don't feel threatened because I never really felt like the leading man anyway, or the ladies' man for that matter," Peters continued. "I just don't feel that. It doesn't register with me. So no, I don't feel threatened by that in any way. I'm just excited to have them on the show. It's going to be awesome."

Peters' reluctant leading man awkwardness is also what drew him to "Safelight," a film in which his handicapped character, Charles, goes on a life-changing road trip with the object of his affection, a prostitute played by Juno Temple.

"I'm not the most secure person, talking to girls is never easy," Peters said. "Charles really likes this girl, so he's trying to get with her, and [being handicapped] just adds a whole other element to it... it's interesting. It's a very interesting thing to walk in someone else's shoes."

As a matter of fact, walking in Charles' shoes -- and mastering his limp -- proved to be a more difficult physical feat for Peters than playing Franken-Kyle on "AHS:Coven," or even the lobster-handed Jimmy Darling on "Freak Show."

"It took a lot of work, it was very difficult," Peters revealed. "My uncle had cerebral palsy, but sadly he passed away, and I was fairly young. So I just... tried to remember how he walked, and also I tried to watch videos, and I just practiced a lot. I ended up hurting my knee from walking inwards like that, on the inside of my foot, putting all my weight on there. It only just got better like, last year. But it was painful, it really hurt. It just makes you think; it's just such an incredible thing when people have a physical ailment like that."

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Despite the physical injury, however, the "Safelight" experience was totally worth it -- and if Peters has his way, you'll be seeing him in more indie films like it when he's not doing big-budget projects like "AHS" and "X-Men: Apocalypse."

"['Safelight'] gave me hope," Peters concluded. "It sends out a message of hope and strength and positivity. And I like that, you know? I definitely would like to do more movies like this in the future... [although] through fear and death we find hope on 'American Horror Story.' It's all about hope."

"Safelight" is out in limited release and available to stream OnDemand now.