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13 Vin Diesel GIFs To Get You Through Life A Quarter Mile At A Time

Happy birthday, Vin!

Vin Diesel and "emoting" are two things not often found in the same sentence. After all, Diesel is known for playing street-racing tough guys… and, well, a talking tree who really only knows three words (four, tops). But Diesel is actually one of the most expressive guys in Hollywood. Oh, you don’t believe us? This is a man who wore stilts to the premiere of "Guardians of the Galaxy" just 'cause.

In honor of the "Fast & Furious" actor’s 48th (!) birthday today, MTV News is giving you a handy-dandy list of emotive Diesel GIFs for every occasion. The guy really knows how to make you ~feel~ things, amirite?

  1. When it’s Friday aka PAY DAY.
  2. When bae is ignoring your text.
  3. When you find $20 in your pocket.
  4. When bae steals the covers in the middle of the night.
  5. When some bro in a Toyota wants to go.
  6. When you find out your favorite show has been cancelled.
  7. When your fandom does something stupid.
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  8. When you're running late for work but you're trying to play it cool.
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  9. When you finally crush 2048.
  10. When you see pizza.
  11. When you're trying to get turnt.
  12. When the squad rolls up to the club.
  13. When bae gets amnesia.

    True story.