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14 Ways To Dance To Calvin Harris' New Song 'How Deep Is Your Love'

Disciples joins the DJ for the boogie-worthy track.

Calvin Harris heard your cry for a song of the summer, and he's offering up his contribution. The DJ released his song "How Deep Is Your Love" with Disciples on Friday (July 17), and now I'm ready to cruise around with the top down. I just have to find a car first.

And apparently, fans are feeling it too.

  1. It's perfect for hair flips.

    Even if you don't have hair.

  2. Can't deny that funk.
  3. Feel it.
  4. It has optimum party vibes for a road trip to a Taylor Swift concert.
  5. Speaking of Taylor -- I bet she can't stop dancing to her boyfriend's jam.
  6. Even if you're not that much of a dancer, you can still bop around cooly.
  7. Or not so cooly.
  8. You can pull all-nighters with it.
  9. Grab your girls.
  10. Lose yourself.
  11. It's basically a midnight snack.
  12. Wiggle around.
  13. Who cares if they're watching?
  14. Pretty cray, right?